The idea came down as a gifted jewel. I had been working for a couple of years at that point with different NGOs on different projects, all with one main obstacle: funding. Do we have to depend on donations and grants? Do we have to restrict ourselves to only create projects when grants are available? Is it possible to create self-sustained funding for our own problems or projects? These were among the few questions that were going on in my head at the time, and thus, as an attempt to solve this problem, the idea of The Doodle Factory began to spark. After that, the idea itself and its evolvement were just God’s blessing.

Before The Doodle Factory, I was also working on a project related to crafts in Egypt, but only when The Doodle Factory came to life did I fully realize that no work is gone to waste, no effort is thrown away, and everything you do will always be accumulated into one box that we can call experience, and it will just keep getting bigger and bigger. You learn from everything and everyone, especially if you have a rough idea of the fields that interest you (and they can be many!).

A very wise man once asked me, who are you and why are you here? If you’re stuck, this is a good place to start. This then led me to my next cool realization: all problems create opportunities. In fact, you can only begin to find solutions when problems and obstacles surround you – and that’s why I believe Egyptians are so lucky!

The Doodle Factory was built on the idea that impoverished kids can contribute to bettering their lives through their own work, and their own art, even if they are not artists! Out of eventful and fun art sessions, their artwork is transformed into everyday lifestyle products that are sold to help fund for their needs. Each collection is unique, as each one is catered to a different misfortune for a new set of children, all from a diverse variety of impoverished backgrounds. Sometimes our collections can support schools, hospitals, or NGOs; as long as the kids need the help, we go for it.

Although we started small, our dream is very big; there are so many kids in Egypt that we intend to support and take care of, just in our own creative and fun ways. We believe one day The Doodle Factory will be able to support all kids within Egypt, and maybe one day across the world. Not only because children are our source of purity and hope in this world, but also because they represent our entire future.

This blog will not only keep you updated with our endeavours, collections, and fun facts; but, it will also serve as a space to inspire you to look for solutions, search for beauty and creativity and finally, we hope it will help you find new sources and ways to bring relief to humanity.

We hope this space will inspire and encourage you to do so in this short journey we call life.


Yasmeen Khamis

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