A Sunray is a beam of sunlight, a sunbeam that breaks through the dark. Sunrays allow us to see color, because what is color but a play on light? They are that source that spreads fast and grows wild, nature’s companion helping mankind to discover.  
This SS’19 collection: Sunrays come to serve underprivileged children in Behbeit by covering their tuition fees to go to school. Getting an education is the only sunray for a better future, one that is filled with color and hope. All the designs you see on our products are inspired by children in need. By making this purposeful purchase you will allow them to spread their rays of magic.


Even though children rarely observe the sun, they always end up drawing it without much thought. The sun is so essential to us, it is our main source of light, growth and hence of life. The sun has been considered a deity in most civilizations as man realized its power and vital necessity. As grown ups we’ve gotten used to the sun in our life, but children subconsciously understand its mandatory presence in our life.


We’ve been so blessed with the light of knowledge that we probably can’t imagine our life without being able to read or write. This is why in language lies immense power. Mankind has always used symbols and letters to communicate and that is the way knowledge has been passed on till this very day. This pattern was created using letters from the Arabic alphabet painted by Samaa from Behbeit, Al Ayat. With the letters of the alphabet the sun of knowledge starts to shine.


Growth through light is best manifested through plants and flowers. Photosynthesis allows for this growth to happen, and it is everyone’s favorite thing about spring. It’s always a reminder for everyone to bloom and shine or start over. As cliché as flowers might be, they nonetheless remain a source of beauty that one can’t resist enjoying and reflecting upon. We’ve tried to capture and hold their ephemeral beauty by locking them into this pattern.


In a world constantly weighing us down we repeatedly try to return to our childhood. There we search for playfulness, joy, love and more than anything the true meaning of being light. Not only are children a source of light in our lives but they themselves are light. They brighten up our lives and are a constant reminder for us that nothing really matters. A constant reminder to the Joie de vivre of life, that worries free spirit with endless possibilities. We’ve made this pattern using signatures of children who have participated in our SS’19 art session, who will be benefiting from the products of this collection to fund for their education.

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